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FAITH CHEN is an alto, singer-songwriter, voice & vocal coach, drum teacher and music producer.  For almost 20 years, she has taught and cultivated musical skills in many children, teenagers, and adults in the areas of singing and drumming.


Faith’s giftedness is showcased on several solo and compilation albums, and is appreciated by a wide audience.  Her most notable solo albums in Mandarin and English are, ‘愛, 不用我離開 HERE IS LOVE’ and ‘MY REDEEMER LIVES’.  The latter was produced, arranged, and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, by Grammy and Dove Award winning producer Phil Naish.


Faith was born into a Christian family of music-loving parents.  Her mother and singing teacher, Mrs. Barbara Chen (陳之霞院長), is a highly esteemed and respected Mezzo Soprano, as well as Founder of the Hong Kong School of Sacred Music (香港聖樂學院).


Since childhood, Faith’s life has been deeply impacted by the powerful messages, profound testimonies, and beautiful stories behind old hymns.  Inspired by her passion for hymns, ‘愛, 不用我離開 HERE IS LOVE' is a lyrical testimony of God’s unchanging faithfulness and lovingkindness. The resonance of Faith’s heartfelt singing, and the simple yet heartwarming music arrangement of these devotional hymns, draws people into deep communion with our Heavenly Father.


Having lived in Spain, the United States, and Hong Kong, Faith’s diverse cultural background and rich experience bring a freshness to ‘MY REDEEMER LIVES’. This album includes well-loved worship songs as well as three of her own compositions.  Beautifully sung with passionate clarity and deep conviction, it fuses songs of explosive praise and intimate worship.  A stunning and soulful album not to be missed!


“The first composition ‘祢施下大恩 YOU BROUGHT ME BACK’ is a tribute to Jesus.  Pure and sinless, Jesus offered Himself as a living sacrifice on the cross.  He took up all our sins, that we may be reconciled to God and be made whole.  Through Jesus’ sacrificial love, we are given the amazing gifts of healing, peace, hope, salvation, and the promise of eternal life. The song reverberates with tremendous assurance that wherever we are in life, God's unconditional love, full acceptance, unchanging faithfulness and compassion will ever be present.  Faith is honoured that Phil Naish composed the music for this special composition.


The second song, ‘THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL’, Faith wrote for her brother and sister-in-law's wedding. It expresses the perfect love that satisfies and transforms human lives. Based on the biblical Song of Songs, it captures most beautifully the ultimate lover-beloved relationship between God and humanity, when one comes to know and experience Him.


Faith composed the third song, ‘祢國降臨 YOUR KINGDOM COME’, when there were deep uncertainty and distress in the lives of some friends around her.  She vividly recalls: “The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that God is sovereign and in control. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and the beginning and end of all things!  No matter what happens and how things turn out, those who belong to God are in His good hands, and under His faithfulness and abundant grace. We are to seek His will and Kingdom continuously."


Singing and songwriting have been one of the ultimate forms of worship for Faith, and of prayerful encounters with God.  Her recordings are a testament to God's gracious work in her life, and it is our hope that there will be many more to follow.

Besides teaching private students and music production work, Faith is frequently invited to teach, share, and perform at different events, churches, and organizations.

Support for Faith's work is welcomed and appreciated:

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